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Bespot analyzes transactional data and transforms them into valuable insights that helps store owners understand how customers interact with their store.

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Why transactional analysis?

Get to know your competition
Personalized set of processes and metrics that suit your company’s goals

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Shopping Missions

A customer’s goal for his shopping journey. Identify accurately the reason why customers visit your stores and influence their purchase decisions prior to their next visit.

Shopper Segments

Segment your audience to identify your most valuable customers. Make better use of your marketing budgets and gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Store Segmentation

Identify potential store opportunities and where to prioritize your resources and investments and develop unique promotional activity to suit your store’s specific target audience.

Store Benchmarking

Draw comparisons between your product lines and business units and locate performance gaps to find potential areas for improvement.

The secret behind our Technology

“Shopmind Platform
The platform applies data mining techniques and analyzes retail transactions and segments shopper's into clusters”

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